When Fast Foods Become Weird – A Million Facts

When Fast Foods Become Weird

When Fast Foods Become Weird

If you or one of your friends and family enjoys the occasional fast food indulgence than its important for you to take a look at this very interesting video below. These facts will blow your mind and some might even turn your stomachs:


You won’t believe your eyes when you take a look at this 14 year old burger, a couple in Utah had an amazing idea to see what happens to a fast food burger if kept for many years, the results are jaw dropping:

After looking at these pictures, you’ll loose interest and the urge to head to your favorite fast food joints to get some fries ever again.

One jar is filled with fries from McDonald’s and one is filled with KFC fries. The fries were kept for three years, Yes, three years and the McDonald’s ones didn’t budge a bit!!! They still look the same as they did the first day, now you can imagine how much preservatives and sodium propionate is used to preserve them!!!



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