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Cancer patient gets dying wish, weds gal he loves

Cancer patient gets dying wish, weds gal he loves

Cancer patient gets dying wish, weds gal he loves

In August 2014 Harley Thomas learned he had only 3 months to live, the only thing he could think about is that he wouldn’t get a chance to marry the woman he loves. This affected him more than knowing that the cancer he was battling for such a ┬álong time had finally won the battle. ┬áHis time was cut short with only 90 days left to live, his only dying wish was to marry the woman he loves.

A team of extremely caring people from the Cancer department at Bellin Health institute made that wish come true on Thursday, They through them the most memorable wedding for Thomas and Lori Feely. All that was used in the preparation and execution of this amazing wedding was donated by the local businesses (cake, dress and etc…).

These angles made a man’s dying wish come true, to marry the love of his life, to him this was his life long goal, one that he thought would never happen after the doctors told him to prepare himself as he only has 3 months left to live. He was left speechless and in total shock after discovering what everybody has done for him, his eyes were filled with tears of joy.

He was suffering from stage 4 cancer in his lungs and a total of eight tumors in his head which were diagnosed as untreatable.

Their love story is quite a unique one: The bride and groom both 56 met nine years ago. With all the illness and job losses these two had experienced during the years, this marriage had seemed impossible at times. Thomas had proposed eight times to his loving bride and each time she had said yes. But do to the difficult circumstances having a wedding was just too much for them to handle.

This couple found themselves homeless at times and whatever money they were able to save up went towards food and clothing for the brides two children so they couldn’t afford a marriage license.

No doubt this has been trying times for the couple and with Thomas getting worse day by day, he wasn’t able to hold on to his job and because she had to take care of him so she lost hers as well.

It was an extremely difficult journey for these two, one that brought tears to the eyes of many. The entire Bellin cancer team and family and friends all attended this beautiful garden wedding.

The bride and groom felt incredibly blessed!!!


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