10 Special Qualities A Man Has That Mean You Should Never Let Him Go – A Million Facts

10 Special Qualities A Man Has That Mean You Should Never Let Him Go

10 Special Qualities A Man Has That Mean You Should Never Let Him Go

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For some women having an ideal man is just a dream, they have lost hope in finding Mr. right and have given into the idea of being single. So who is considered Mr. right? It differs from women to women and what might be ideal to one woman, may not be so ideal to another!!!

Below is a list characteristics that we believe all women consider to be ideal and appealing:  


Being Honest

This is such a great and rare quality to find in a man, if your partner lies, even small white lies, it’s not acceptable and soon he will get into the habit of lying to you on a daily basis which leads to disaster.


Showing Respect

If he wants respect then he must respect you, it’s that easy. Respect in relationships is a two way street and one must always treat others the way they would like to be treated. And one can build a strong relationship on this basis.


Having a Good Head On His Shoulders

Intelligence is such a turn on, if he has a high IQ and is considered to be smart that means that he is also smart in managing his life, finances and relationships.


Being Active

Taking care of their physique and being active is a major plus and one that we must take into consideration. This also makes a man more attractive and energetic!


Having an Open mind 

If you have a man with this characteristic than you will have a stress free relationship. Your man will be ok with you having you own life and giving you your own space. This is crucial for a long lasting relationship.


Being In Touch With His Emotions

Men who always want to play a macho role and act like nothing gets to them, can get annoying after a while. It’s nice if a man is in touch with his feelings and emotions but not too much!!!


Not Giving Up Easily 

If your man knows what he wants and is willing to give it all that he has, to fight for his dreams, than he is a keeper. This quality is such a great one to have in your man.


Having a Sense Of Humor

In today’s world we all face our own share of challenges  and ups and downs. If one can go through all this with a smile on their face, this would make life that much easier.


Having a Kind Heart

A man who has a kind and caring heart should be cherished. However there is a very fine line of being too kind and what some might say a pushover. Finding the correct level is important.


Accepting His Mistakes

If he is capable of seeing the errors of his ways and taking full responsibility for them, this means you have got a very mature man regardless of his age. These men are more open to feedback and are more understanding.


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