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What Your Favorite Chocolate Says About You

What Your Favorite Chocolate Says About You

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If you wish to extend the gesture of sweetness, then munch on some chocolates. Chocolates have proven to melt many hearts and elevate millions of moods. New surveys reveal that your favorite chocolate and it’s filling can say a lot about your personality and mood. Researchers are still working on to read behavioral patterns and emotions on how people throw their chocolate wrappers. Here is what your favorite chocolate bar says about you:

  • Milk Chocolate

Those who love eating milk chocolates are usually mellow and believe in going with the flow. Lovers of milk chocolates are also quite intelligent and they love being the center of attraction. The goods news is that they are very romantic and thrive in long term relationships due to their flexible nature. These people are innocent as well with a preponderance to live in the past.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate lovers tend to be more materialistic and carry a capacity to solve the problems. These people are so sophisticated and get quite excited about the future. They generally have strong opinions and tend to be dramatic. They love meeting people and build strong relationships. They are also very energetic and decisive.

  • White Chocolate

Fans of white chocolate carry an inborn sense of fairness and believe in channeling the power of this world to suit them. These people are quite creative and are found daydreaming and can be perceived as flaky by the people who don’t know them well. They are introvert and like to dance on their own tunes.

  • Peppermint chocolate

Those who love adventure and like things slight different are likely to pick this type of chocolate. Mint chocolate lovers are goal oriented and find happiness and joy in being successful. They can’t stand failures. Traditions are important for them but they are not typical followers. They are also quite sensitive to feelings of others.

  • Caramel filled Chocolate

People who prefer caramel filled chocolates are happy and impulsive. These people linger over the pleasures in life. They have high self-esteem and are considered as thrill seekers. Caramel fans are well behaved and easily satisfied.

  • Fruit and Nuts

Those who choose fruit and nut chocolates are quite sensible and do not forget their responsibilities. They have a sense of old-fashioned virtue. They are usually introspective and do not have many friends. They are generally happy with a small circle of close friends. Few but true! Relationships matter to them, but sometimes they just judge the people around too harshly.

  • Truffles

Truffle lovers usually carry a weird and freakish sense of humour.  They are usually open about their thoughts and feelings which attract other people easily. They are also very impatient, anxious and immature along with open mind.

  • Bitter chocolate

Those who love bitter chocolates love the unexpected mash ups.  They command respect and are well respected by others. These people are connoisseur and determined. But most often they are stubborn and inflexible too.

  • All chocolates

If you love all the chocolates then people like you a lot. You have a flexible nature and you know very well how to roll with the punches. You generally seek to please but sometimes loose sight of yourself in doing so.

Therefore, the chocolate you pick from the lot can open the deepest of secrets There are many more findings to come on chocolates. So, until then you dig into your favorite chocolate and discover more about yourself.



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